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Significant Bug Fix in Planist

the Planist Team
the Planist Team
In our reviews, we found that some errors caused some of our users problems.
First of all, we apologize to you for this error, and then we will write a short description of the problem for you and tell you how we can fix it.
Under Google’s new policy, when you connect your calendar to a third-party service, Google does not enable calendars access by default, and the user must manually select this section.
We made some changes in our code with Google’s policy and optimized the written code.
To solve the problems related to this access, we have implemented a simple solution in the Planist.
You must first log in to your user panel.
From the navigation menu, click “Connection” to get to your added calendars page.

After displaying this page, the bottom of your Google Calendar has been added.
We have trouble finding your token. Please click here to fix that. 
“Click here” will take you to a page where you can add Planist access to your added calendar to troubleshoot display events on your public page.
That’s it;)
We also fixed a minor bug in the display of page styles. Some users have reported not seeing the confirmation button to submit an event request on some mobile display sizes.
We actively strive to resolve any issues we receive from our users as soon as possible. We are also trying to prepare and publish a new version of the user panel for the initial reports for your use soon.
If you have a specific suggestion or need, we would be happy to tell you to provide a product roadmap for your use.
Stay tuned for our following updates.
P.S: Have you seen any changes to the landing page? Click here
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the Planist Team
the Planist Team @planistdotlive

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